We manufacture using a wide range type of paper, including Duplex coated board for toothpaste boxes and art paper for label packaging. Below is a list of some of our products.
1. Tooth Paste and Soap
Pepsodent White, Pepsodent Whitening, Pepsodent Complete Care, Close Up, Sparkle, Dove, Lifebuoy
by PT. Unilever Indonesia
2. Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic
Interhisti, Pamol, Zoter, Intidrol, Theobron, Colme, Trifed, Intermoxil
by PT. Interbat
Paramex, Neo Napacin, Inza, Termorex, Konicare, Termokid, Jesscool, Biomucil
by PT. Konimex
Supradyn, CDR Redoxon, Berocca, CDR Fortos
by PT. Bayer Indonesia
Super Tetra
by PT. Darya Varia
3. Cigarettes
Lucky Strike, Bentoel Sejati, Rawit
by PT. Bentoel Internasional Investama
Sampoerna A Mild, Sampoerna A Green
by PT. HM. Sampoerna
Pamor, Mlinjo, Pantai Udang
by CV. Mulyoraharjo
Cigarettes Prima, Cigarettes Utama
by PT. Karya Niaga Bersama (Grendel Group)
Cigarette Filters Packaging
by PT. Filtrona
4. Consumer Goods and Health
Baygon Coil
by SC Johnson
5. Food Products
Dancow, Nescafe, Milkmaid, Carnation, Milo
by Nestle Indonesia
Frisian Flag 1 -2 -3
by PT Frisian Flag Indonesia
SGM, Nutricia Cereal, Lactamil
by PT. Sari Husada
by PT. VanMelle
Beng-Beng, Choki-Choki
by PT. MAYORA, Tbk